Creating healthy habits


I was not expecting anything from secret Santa over the Christmas holidays but he totally surprised me by buying me a nutribullet (which has been on my bucket list along with the vitamix ever since I saw them advertised on the tv shop).

The nutribullet has definitely helped me in creating daily healthy habits. It is so easy and so simple to use and to incorporate in to your day to day life.

So far I have experimented with my nutribullet in making beet and apple juice (favourite juice so far) which is a great body cleanser, avocado and pineapple smoothie (my favourite smoothie), spinach and banana smoothie (was a bit too sweet for my taste buds), carrot and ginger smoothie (another favourite of mine) which is good for the immune system, and the kale and pineapple smoothie.

I have also added oil pulling (which I started way back before I got my nutribullet) with coconut oil to my morning routine. My sister in-law was the one who first introduced me to it when she saw a video by KeziaHall on her website super naturally healthy.

I have not really gone all in with the healthy eating but by using my nutribullet daily I hope to create healthy habits that will last longer this time round.

Even though I have not 100% cut out all processed foods from my diet I feel I have more energy and I am not as tired anymore which is fantastic for just simply incorporating daily nutriblasts into my diet. It just goes to show that small healthy changes introduced into your diet can definitely make a difference in your health and in how you feel. Just imagine if I go all in with this healthy eating stuff.

It’s Time To Get Schooled and Certified…


I am pretty excited about what 2014 has in store for me. This is going to be my best year ever !

On the 10th of February I will start training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to start my own business adventure in health coaching. I can’t wait!

Since I signed up for the course I have met some pretty incredible people (you know who you are) who inspire me with their healthy lifestyles and the support and encouragement I receive from them is amazing.

On the 22-23rd of July I will be going to London Blogcademy to learn all about blogging and how to monetise your blog.

And on the 24th of July I will be meeting up with the pretty incredible people I have been talking about and also possibly spend the day cooking/learning about raw food with the raw chef Mr Russell James.

This year will definately push me right out of my comfort zone. It will require me to get out of my head and show up, talk and connect with people and have fun! Something I am totally not comfortable doing! Hope I will do it well.

My intentions for this year is to eat well and live fully by creating beautiful brave healthy habits from the heart…

I would love to know what your intentions are for 2014? Please share below on the comment box how you are going to make this year your best year ever?

6 responses to “Creating healthy habits

  1. Sheena, Loved your post today! I certainly MUST KEEP UP with you this year! Your plans seem incredible! Something I need to hear! I have unhealthy habits! I WANT TO CHANGE!

  2. Excellent Sheena, we are on an exciting journey and so glad we have found each other so we can support each other. Also thank you for inspiring me to try the oil pulling as I have managed 5 days now x

  3. hey i found your blog over on casey’s link up! beet + apple juice is amazing – wish i could do it here but no beets to be found. i might have to try out your idea of carrot + ginger – sounds so delish. one of my intentions for this year is to speak words of life and encouragement to others – so, keep encouraging us with your nutrition tips & recipes!

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