How Are You Going to Start 2014?

Starting 2014 right!

It’s two days before the New Year. I am sitting here on the floor of the corridor of my house with my back against the cold wall thinking about the year ahead and beyond.


I want to think and plan for 2014 and beyond with God so I lay my plans and thoughts before The Lord.

I ask, as I think and plan; ‘Lord if you have anything to say to me about me, about my life, about anything, just step in at any point. I am listening. Thank you for the freedom to think and plan with a conscious awareness of your presence in and with me’.

Did you know you have the freedom to think and plan with or without God. And whatever you choose, know that God is with you and He is not mad at you.

God is interested in your thoughts. He is interested in your dreams! He is interested in you, in all of you not some parts of you that you think are acceptable or right before Him. He has value for you.

Start the year right by giving Him your thoughts and dreams. Give Him your plans for 2014. Give Him your heart and soul, give him your life with absolute abandonment then you will know…

You are not your own. You are His and He is yours.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Song of song 6:3

I am not separate from Him and He is not separate from me. His desires are my desires. My desires are His desires.


Time for new things.

I want to ‘do life’ better and differently than I have in 2013.


My New Year’s life transformation is;

1. connect more with God in the secret place of my heart,

2. daily preach to my heart,

3. believe with an immovable trust in God and His reality,

4. see and experience myself from God’s point of view,

5. fully know God’s unchanging/unconditional heart towards me in and through my lived experience,

6. care enough to pay attention to my husband my kids the people around me, to notice what they like or what brings them joy without them knowing and suprise them by doing those things,

7. put my heart out there be real not perfect…

(The list goes on and on. I think I have at least 5 more but the ones I wrote down are the foundation upon which the other five goals sit)

I will explain more (be more specific) about my New Year’s life transformation. I think… Maybe another blog post is in order. Who knows?


The transformational journey.

Transformation is not a hole that you accidentally fall into. It is not a destination that you arrive at. It is neither a one-time choice. I believe as long as we are here on this earth, transformation is a process. It is a lifelong journey that is renewed daily.

How are you feeling about your year ahead?

Have you planned your way forward for 2014 with God?

How are you going to make 2014 count?

8 responses to “How Are You Going to Start 2014?

  1. Lovely post, Sheena. I like you description of “life transformation” rather than New Year’s resolution. And these words really resonated with me: “Did you know you have the freedom to think and plan with or without God. And whatever you choose, know that God is with you and He is not mad at you.” No matter what we do and how we choose, He still loves us.

    Blessings for a wonderful 2014!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m reassessing all my goals for the year right now. Like you, I want to be deliberate in God being the focus and doing His will.

  3. I like that in #7 you said to be real, not perfect. That is something I am striving toward in 2014 as well. I chose inspire as my word because I want to be more intentional in how I inspire others and I think that being real can do far greater things than pretending to be prefect.

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