A Beautiful Risk of Identity Manifesto

Have you ever seen these beautifully written declarations on pinterest?A beautiful risk of identity


Ever since I saw one I was inspired to write my own but never got around to actually doing it.

So today I decided to have a go at writing my own personal manifesto. I created A Beautiful Risk of Identity Manifesto using Pages app on my ipad. I used different fonts, colours, bold text and sizes to create this simple but eye catching written declaration.

If you like the manifesto click on the image, print it, frame it, hang it on your wall or give away to a friend as a gift.

Share it on pinterest if you like. There is a pinterest button on the bottom of this post just click it to share it.

A Beautiful Risk of Identity Manifesto.

Choose your adventure by faith receive Jesus in your heart. Who are you? A brand new person. Born again into a world where anything is possible by believing. Given a new name. Dare to live up to your new name new creation. Know yourself as you have always been known by your Father. Learn to see yourself as your Father sees you. God is your new daddy. You are the reflection of your Father. Believe the truth about yourself no matter how too good to be true it is. Experience reality. You are who God says you are. You have what God says you have. You can do what God says you can do. Above all… Remember this is who you are no matter what your experience. You are loved and wholly lovable. There is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are enough. Complete in Christ. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Perfect in your imperfection. Whole in your brokenness. Be confident, certain and undaunted when you see lack, imperfection or brokenness. Remember that’s not who you are. Anything that exalts itself against what your Father spoke over you is a lie. Period. End of story. You are inevitably defined by Jesus in you. Your spirit joined to his Spirit that’s who you are. Refuse to see yourself in any way other than who you are in Jesus. As he is so are you in this world. Now. Do greater works. Change the world. It starts by changing your mind about yourself. Live a life of radical love. Absolute surrender and trust in your Father. Live a life of insane bravery and peace that don’t make sense.

3 responses to “A Beautiful Risk of Identity Manifesto

  1. This is superb Sheena – it’s creative, imaginative, simple and wise. Lots of truth in here. Keep writing, you’re definitely growing 🙂

  2. @James Thank you so much for the encouragement.

    @Jessica Thanks for taking the time to read my post really appreciate it. Hope you and baby are keeping well x

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