I dare you to jump.

Right after my quiet time with The Lord sitting on the red sofa in the upper room (my favourite place and my favourite thing to do); while meditating, considering to go all in to give myself fully to the vision/revelation The Lord gave me (you can read about the vision/revelation here) and writing the first draft of this article.

My husband and I had the worst conflict ever in our married life. I mean we’ve had disagreements over silly things before but this one topped it all…

I can only take comfort in the thought that the enemy is fighting for my attention because he knows I am onto something life transforming. He is trying his best to distract me and I will not allow myself to be distracted because the only way this fight is won is by NOT focusing on the enemy contrary to what we believe.

We become victorious by beholding Him (Jesus). ~ Bill Johnson

Here is the article. I pray it blesses and empowers you to fly and explore the promised land The Lord has already given you.

Jump hard with everything in you and fly!

Jump hard with everything in you and fly!

I am standing on the edge of a really tall building where God has been slowly but surely leading me. (This moment here is so terrifying yet so full of possibilities for something new, something beautiful to happen.)

I am certain this is what The Lord wants me to do: to jump off this building, to let go of it all, to step away from all I know, learned and conditioned myself to accept as ‘me’ as my normal, who I believe I am, what I think I have and can or cannot do and to fully step into who He says I am into my new normal.

How in the world did I end up here? What possesed me? Did I mention, I am afraid of heights. Oh, God! I so want to jump off this building but I am absolutely terrified! I could fall and die! Are you sure the wind is going to hold me up and give me wings to fly?

Today, is the day I am daring to jump off this building. I can no longer continue with the same old mindsets, beliefs, habits, or situations. If I want radical transformation, I must take the risk and step away from the old, dead self and assume a whole new sense of identity in Christ.

I pray and hope as I go all in, the Holy Spirit will take me places beyond my wildest imagination! Lead me to a life of radical love, insane bravery, peace that passes all understanding, and a life of absolute trust in Jesus.

What about you? Is there a life-altering decision The Lord has been slowly but surely leading you to make? Do you want to see radical transformation? Do you want to live a life of radical love, and absolute surrender?

Lets do this together and jump off!

3 responses to “I dare you to jump.

  1. This is excellent Sheena – one thing I would say, is it could have been two posts. The part about jumping, and the short piece beforehand about your disagreement with your husband. That was an interesting story and there seemed more depth to it, that it was unfinished, when you moved into the title part of the piece.

    Let me be clear, it was excellent writing, but if you had just posted that as it is without the first part, it would have been even more powerful. And I’m very interested to hear more of your reflections from your own life.

    You are a better writer than you think Sheena – keep this up.

  2. I have also been experiencing spiritual warfare since beginning to blog about the wonderful things God is showing me. It’s tough. I’ve even had thoughts of not being qualified to blog about these things and wanting to stop. Sound like the enemy much? Lol I love your writing style and enjoyed the blogs I’ve read so far!

  3. @James Thanks for your feedback really appreciate it. I will consider what you said and maybe do an updated version of this post; go into more depth with the first part and then post the second part on its own.

    @Shara great to see you on here. You are more than qualified to write about your experiences with The Lord and don’t ever quit or let anyone else tell you otherwise. Keep on!

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